We are like young potatoes.


Do you like being green? Are you sick of those flimsy paper sleeves at Starbucks that aren’t enough to keep your hands from getting burned? Want to look like a cool motherfucker while you sip your latte? I can help!

Basically, you commission (that means you can make it look however you want!) a cozy from me, I make it, and you can enjoy years of burn free coffee consumption. They are reusable, machine washable, and completely customizable! 


  • Plain Cozy- $3 (every cozy starts with this, if you buy 5 cozies, the price is $2.50 each) 
  • Striped Cozy- same pricing as the plain but with $0.50 extra per color
  • Appliques(pictures, like the moustache)- $0.50-$1.00 depending on size and complexity. You can add as many as will fit.
  • Words- $0.25 per letter
  • Tea Bag Pouch (button up pouch for holding yo tea bags)- $1.75
  • Shipping- $2.60 if you live in the US, $4.60 if you don’t (this is the shipping for a single cozy)

How to Get One:

  1. Go to my submission or ask box
  2. Tell me what you would like and I’ll give you a quote, then I’ll make the cozy
  3. A listing will be placed on my Etsy page with “Reserved for *your URL here*” as the title. 
  4. If you like what I’ve done you can proceed to purhcase your cozy!
  5. Sip latte.
  6. Look like a cool motherfucker while helping save the planet.

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